Oh Good Morning, Peach

May 2, 2017

*Yawn* Oh!  (rustle rustle rustle of the crisp sheets we don’t wanna leave) Good morning, Peach.  Did you dream? (wait, you’ve got an eyelash right there-oop-lemme get it) Yeah I had another Ed Harris one. We were at some bad office party in Lithuania in the 90s which ended up being a game show by the end of the dream –Ed Harris was hosting as his mass murdering cowboy character from Waterworld.  What? Yeah Westworld that…

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Next Week’s Forecast (and ps I love you)

April 26, 2017

Hello Forever Lover- (yes I stole that from Michael Jackson) (or was it Paul McCartney?) I will not say the words SPR***  hath SPR*** because groundhog is a voodoo warrior and I am just desperate enough for Vitamin D and fancy popsicles to not wanna mess with that shit. Let’s talk about something else. Small talk is for meteorologists and dental hygenists. Other than these previous three snarky paragraphs, this is a proper “news-letter” because  Hallelujah THERE IS…

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December 20, 2016

I would have liked to give this to you on Thanksgiving Sticking out of a pecan pie like a wicked bedazzled raspberry.   That didn’t happen because you know you know you know. But go with me today:        It’s a dinner.   It comes with things sweet and things salty and palate cleansers. There are occasional dioramas:   The way I remember Fall is in construction paper I am always at the end of…

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November 18, 2016

Two Hundred Birthday Hats Two Fabulous Shoes Nine Years, a Birthday Cake COME SING THE BLUES (baby)   TOMORROW!!!! (click that merlin.) (we love you.) h…

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June 22, 2016

  Friends. Woof. I will be brief. (or, ok at least I will TRY) But out of respect to those of you who work for a living, HERE’S THE ELEVATOR PITCH: WE JUST RELEASED A RECORD YOU DIDN’T EXPECT US TO. (not 3/4, but instead, a 5 song acoustic blues record about the Big America and What Happened/ Is Happen-ing that we wrote and recorded last week) AND YOU CAN GET IT HERE. AND COME BACK…

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