Love and a Different Kind of Harvest

April 9, 2018

My Forever Lovers, You never expect to hear from me and then *pop* *ssss* here I am  poking my head in from out of the blue behind the sky screen from the back of a  cardboard cloud. Today I will be brief.  I have a request. (It’s odder than usual.) I want you to call me. (I’m not joking.) I am writing a giant thing about memory. It’s no fun if its just about me.  holdonholdonholdonholdonholdonholdon LEMME…

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I will QVC sell you an Opera

October 2, 2017

My lovers  My friends whose love-tipped tentacles reach  far and wide.   Girl, how you. I don’t even know where to start. If you were in front of me I’d kiss your face and tell you how cute your new haircut looks. I haven’t seen you since LIKE, JULY. I’d show you the inch-worm wrinkle that magically popped up between my eyes the DAY I turned 36, a week ago and maybe…

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NYC Fundraiser Show 6/28 AND Online Art Auction (Live Now!)

June 26, 2017

Baby you know the name of this game so I ain’t even gonna try:   You can feel how excited I am.  You can feel how excited=neurotic. you can feel how neurotic=blunt and tactless and you can feel hous blunt + tactless = economic. That’s what we’re dealing with.  The economics of marketing  and the ecomomy  PERIOD. (see what I did there?) I’ll get right to it as this is really really exciting shit.   1. Surprise!!!!! A…

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Fundraiser Concert for new opera work, Animal Wisdom, On June 28 in NYC

June 20, 2017

  Hey Sugar. How’s the hump on that camel? Did you take a solstice bask?  Did you get on your bicycle and ride? I hope you did. I have one message and three reasons to absorb it:   Here is the message: YOU SHOULD COME TO THIS FUND RAISER AND FUND THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Listen baby, I might as well get to the point. The truth is, we got a Looooong distance to go. It is a great…

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Philanthropy is hot (I wrote a new opera work…)

June 6, 2017

Philanthropy is hot. So are summer nights. I like a good pairing. Dear pen pal, I write you today with official announcements and pleas from the orchestra pit of my wolverine heart. A storm cycle is passing through. That’s only half a metaphor. My pianos are groaning and I am in a dream-like swoon. I need to hold your hand and tell you about some very big shit. Let me tell you about big freaking ideas and snake…

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Shades of Red, You’re a Star

May 24, 2017

Darling Girlfriend, Forever in my heart, I woke up today and looked over to your side of the bed to catch you kitten snoozing, and didn’t manage to catch your whole ear. Busy dreams I guess.  now that we’re here and relatively awake, let me fetch you your robe. The chartreuse silk one with the eyelet lace round the sleeves you bought in Rome with me.  I’ll look fiercely at those oranges, maybe they’ll juice themselves…

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