NYC Fundraiser Show 6/28 AND Online Art Auction (Live Now!)


Baby you know the name of this game so I ain’t even gonna try:


You can feel how excited I am. 

You can feel how excited=neurotic.

you can feel how neurotic=blunt and tactless and

you can feel hous blunt + tactless = economic.

That’s what we’re dealing with. 

The economics of marketing 

and the ecomomy 


(see what I did there?)

I’ll get right to it as this is really really exciting shit.


1. Surprise!!!!! A last minute miracle has swooped in like Santa Claus with a Dolly Parton manicure.

Supernova Star Martha Grahamcracker has patron sainted our fundraising effort and flowing in on fringe lain reindeer to emcee our party and auction off my grateful butt. 


Here’s the catch. We’re almost sold out. This is really an eleventh hour twist. there’s 5 tickets left. Count em. 12345 FIVE tickets left. And since this is a supply and demand economy and we currently have a monopoly on MOST of the performers in NYC (and now Philly) performing in this one event for one night only—- we’re jacking up the price. 

That 20 extra dollars we’re charging you goes straight to the benefit of the show, we’ll likely use it to pay subway fare of our community choir members, so girl don’t get me wrong ITS STILL PHILANTHROPY. We just playin ball now.


Good Luck. 

On your marks.

Get set.

and GO.

2. For those of you who are out of town and are REALLY bummed to miss the art buying action,


we got you covered.

Here’s the gameplan baby.


We’re amassing an online gallery of all the artwork up for sale and will publish it Monday (TODAY!) at 5pm. I will send you another love note then. (UPDATE: the AUCTION is LIVE over at


All you have to do is click a button and you can bid on artworks from art legends of all walks from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Because: Internet. How great is that.  We will update every couple hours with current winning bid. 

You get your bidding druthers for 48 full hours, before we close at 5 on Wednesday before the show. Highest bidders get a Golden Ticket delegate at the party to bid for you and keep you abreast.


It’s ALMOST like you’re THERE! 

All art purchased will be purchased through the bushwick starr and is 100% tax deuctible. 


3. If you ask for help, the universe will send it to you.


If you ask for music or a kind word,

I will. Despite all this sass and bossiness “Go here buy this!!!!”

I am still, 100% at your service. 


Loving you for ever and for real.