Shades of Red, You’re a Star


Darling Girlfriend,

Forever in my heart,

I woke up today and looked over to your side of the bed to catch you kitten snoozing, and didn’t manage to catch your whole ear. Busy dreams I guess. 

now that we’re here and relatively awake, let me fetch you your robe. The chartreuse silk one with the eyelet lace round the sleeves you bought in Rome with me. 

I’ll look fiercely at those oranges, maybe they’ll juice themselves.

Sit down. 

Lemme make you a coffee. 

Darling. This is the fantasy form of today’s newsletter, so oil up your imagination:

You are a celebrity star and I am here as your musical mouse / personal assistant to tell you

what’s on your social calendar and what color the carpet is.

Now, because you’re still groggy and I haven’t set your hair yet,

I’ll give you the cover letter so you can scroll if you’re feeling cagey.


  1. June 1st: Records drop in bubblegum
  2. June 6th: Prom Night in Salmon
  3. June 23rd: Movies Premiere in Carmine
  4. June 28th: Operas get Gala’d in Oxblood.

Let me be your arm candy this month? 

Let me hang off you like a noisy persimmon?

Celebrity Star,

I’m briefing you about this first one while making fruit salad. You’re in a charcoal mask, whisking away yesterday’s impurities. You know, just so we’re clear.


The day has finally come. After 3 years of tweaking, ear-napping, re-recording, making theorhetical dramaturgical outlines, drinking coffee, burning sage, chipping ice, eating enchiladas and turning knobs until the right ratio of hairs stood up on our arms, House/Hymn II is ready for you. 


On June 1st, the carpet is bubblegum pink.


For those of you who haven’t entirely gotten behind the metaphor, I mean this: It’s fancy on the inside, but you can do this alone in your pajamas. 


You don’t even have to mark your calendar, baby. I’m just letting you know that in 8 short days, I’ll wake up and send you a love limerick and a link.

And separate in time and space tho we may be, we can close our eyes at exactly the same moment and go click. And just like that, like bubblegum pie in a grahm cracker crust,

this 3 year chapter of house fires and hurricanes, mutation and madness will be acoustically complete.


That’s a good thing, because we have some rituals to complete.


2. like this one. 


Celebrity Star, I am briefing you about this occasion while on the phone with your dog groomer. You’ve just gotten out of the bath. 


Sometimes before we (I) can step forward onto the new carpets life has latchhooked


(I’m really reaching baby, maybe pass me those stilts)


We (I)

have to theatrically re-do a moment in order to investigate it with poetry and alcohol and music things to henceforth,

step the next step

and then the next

to eventually

become the superheros we (I) were (was) meant to be.


And. (or.)

SOMETIMES we just need an excuse to throw a real good party where there is slow dancing. 


this event could be either. you will have to show up to find out


On June 6th, the carpet is Salmon colored.


The skinny:

I’ve decided I want to cut to the chase and sing only love songs. 

I’ve decided I want to cut to the chase and wear a dress, rent a disco ball, and JUST. SING. 

I have coaxed piano-virtuoso and musical sage Ian Axness to join me in singing said love songs, performing moon rituals, playing  reveries and RE-DOING THE PROM. poetically.


Tonight is half love songs I wrote when my heart was a quaking catastrophe, half songs other people wrote that made the catastrophe feel pretty delicious.

Have we ever talked about Irma Thomas? 

OH girl.


I ask you humbly. Will you go to prom with me?

(click one)

YES    or    NO


I will be wearing a prom dress. I invite you to do the same. 

It’s a tuesday night so you are allowed to feel a little silly for the sake of TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEART.

3. Celebrity Star, on June 23rd, The carpet is CARMINE.

I am briefing you on this line item as we are speed walking around the gated community, I am carrying your dog and both your phones.


Remember when I told you about a fancy movie premiere? For an incredible film made by an incredible woman with incredible people? Remember I told you I scored it? Remember I circled my name? Here— lemme remind you: 

On JUNE 23rd at BAM, I invite you to come live this moment with me: I scored my first feature film, and it is premiering at BAM in NYC before its theatrical release later this summer. And thus, this new cycle is born. 




We will have celebrated the completion of House/Hymn


We will have ritualistically re-done Prom

to super-hero our hearts


We will break the champagne over the prow of this ship of a new phase of being an Arbornaut:


Scoring for film, 

and writing operas.



Speaking of which:

4. Your OXBLOOD carpet begins here.


Celebrity star, I tell you THIS news while we’re listening to the sea. We turn the ringer off for 20 minutes every day and just talk. I’ve saved this bit for last.


I wrote an opera.

At least I think it’s an opera. 

I wrote a thing that I think is an opera that is premiering at the Bushwick Starr in October.

It is called “Animal Wisdom” — and it’s a piece about talking to ghosts and writing music. I have enlisted a DREAM TEAM of designers and musicians, and I am BURSTING my seams to show you.


My excitement has doubled me in size. I am a marshmallow inflated with enthusiasm and effervescance. I’m downright carbonated.


I will tell you more about this piece in the coming months, believe you me. But before any of that happens, I ask you to save a date:


This is the night we are fundraising the SHIT out of this opera.

This is the night we are asking you to turn up and listen to some ACTUAL celebrity stars sing selections from the score,.

You can bear witness to a gallery of art works about ghosts I have commissioned from other music and performance makers downtown and bid to take one home.

I will be live auctioning myself to the highest bidder.

It will be a song circus, a celebration, a benefit.

OH oh celebrity star. 

Which shoes would you like today to do your shit kicking?

Your power walk?

Will it be the pom pom pumps or the calve’s leather brogues?

Who do you feel like today?

What can I sing for you to help that bloom?

You wanna whisper a clue in my ear?


Thank you for playing.

We love you


HC of the A’s