I would have liked to give this to you on Thanksgiving

Sticking out of a pecan pie like a wicked bedazzled raspberry.


That didn’t happen because you know you know you know.

But go with me today: 




It’s a dinner.


It comes with things sweet and things salty and palate cleansers.

There are occasional dioramas:


The way I remember Fall is in construction paper

I am always at the end of tables full of people

Thinking about one thing or another that turned my heart a different color

while conversations go on about

re-laying the carport.


Fall is gobsmackery. Full of Poetry. 

Fall is not happy, 

but Fall’s got an eye on joy.


And everything is a perfect circle.

the sweet potato bundt cake, the harvest moon

coming back around to The End,

where we started. 

Remember that?


And just like that, our year is complete.


For those of you who have free treats,

those will work now.

For those of you who have been waiting patiently,

I am 100% a curtseying penguino.*

*(Yeah I dunno.)


Enough verbiage.


Get to the raspberry.

(click that)


And if you’re a nostalgic type like me,

Go get your faux cashemere blanket, tuck in somewhere away from the threat of civilization

and listen to this whole year.

I’ll be there with you. As I am the sentimental type

and a sucker for a retrospective under blankets.









we love you.





hc of the a’s