Dear Love Lizards and

Possessers of the Cumulative Kindling that

Fire the Steam Engine of my Heart:


(OH! The Melodrama! Listen, it’s been a YEAR. What did you expect.)


In fact, lets back up. 

One year ago to the day, I was on the roof of the Bushwick Starr,

sent there by consensus from the design team below,

to rewrite a scene about my piano teacher with the instructions, and I QUOTE:

“try to write more penis jokes”.


Fast forward to one month later, 

this is what that looked like:


Now I’m in my bedroom office at home

(because I only write to you from the bedroom office, this is my secret)

listening to DeBussy and shaking with adrenaline.


Here’s why:


We are recording the Animal Wisdom Soundtrack. Soon. Sooner than soon. like,



You are enthusiastically invited to join Heather Christian and the “Animal Wisdom” family in their auspicious

 Live Taping of Animal Wisdom’s blackout Requiem

 Nov 1 and 2 at Town Stages in NYC

 { Ticket Link }

 {* There are two tapings each night, each at different price points - keep reading for more info }


How do you translate into recorded media what we all felt in the dark when we felt it?

Here’s the thing: I dont think we can.

But we CAN rebuild our stand-in church in TriBeca,

we CAN invite everyone that was there (and everyone who couldn’t get a ticket) to sit in the dark with us again and invite its nominous chaos and see what happens.

We CAN triple our choir in size and invite a host of special guest singers and musicians and custom make you a subsequent catharsis come-down party afterwards.

What record label would deign to fund such an endeavor, should you ask? None. 

This invitation is also an ask: your ticket price funds the record. You are the "label." 


This part fund raiser, part mini-mass, part barn raising revival is being recorded as an homage to the artwork that inspired the form of “Animal Wisdom” in the first place,


(and if you don’t know it, might I sweetly suggest you hie yourself to Spotify and spend an afternoon with) “Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall” Oh and — and hey,


while youre doing that

over tea or

Fuzzy Navels

ask yourself what you would have PAID to have been in that audience while this was happening, crying and clapping and singing along and saying “holla” with Bill and all those jaunty people in their burt orange and kelly green polyesther pants one Thursday in the 70s.




I’m not Bill Withers.


But we can do you one better than Carnegie Hall. Town Stages in TriBeCa is an IMPECCABLE (new) space that will make you feel like you spent eleventy hundred dollars for a ticket, whose ceilings are vaulted and sacred enough to call it a cathedral (whether or not you show up in aforementioned polyester.)


My point is, 

it’s a snapshot. 


and price of entry gets you a pre-release copy of the record and puts your fingerprints all over our polaroid, which,

                           lets face it, dove,

                                                   is my sweetest wish.




for those of you with Income of the Disposable Kind:

(for those of you living that artist life of the 20lb bag of rice,

I feel you Girl, and, just skip to the end)


Not for nothing, but if you wanna send a check instead of, or in addition to your physical body, your tax deductible donation** to the making of our record also gets you a free pre-release copy and special treats in the mail, because I am, you know.



**please make checks payable to “The Bushwick Starr” with “Heather Christian Requiem Recording” in the memo. 



And should you be looking for a financially malnourished artwork to make a more sizable contibution to in a more fomalized way and wish to chat about it, please email me at arbornauts [AT] and I can gush at you in person. 


Do we NEED larger donors in addition to ticket sales and donations? Yes we do. Have a think about it, dove.






I’ll check back with you in a couple weeks sweetest kindreds,

but in the meantime, I gotta run over to city center and bang on a piano with the ferociously brilliant Sonya Tayeh




I am lighting you a candle. 

I am so glad to be back in touch.

I thought of you while doing SO many jigsaw puzzles and mediocre watercolors

and talking to myself. Plotting the next thing. Trying to get us in a room. 


I can’t wait to sing a tiny song into your perfect ear

(and then a real big one, because that is how it is done.)


more soon and all of my heart.








Details for those of you who don’t like clicking on things: 


Heather Christian & the Animal Wisdom Family

Live Requiem Recording is at

TOWN STAGES in TriBeCa the following days and times:

November 1st All Souls Day:


7pm: $35 Requiem concert ticket*


9pm: $50 Requiem concert ticket* + access to DJ’ed Revival and Dance After party



November 2nd All Saints Day:


7pm: $35 Requiem concert ticket*


9pm: $35 Requiem Concert Ticket*

$75 Requiem Concert Ticket* + VIP Cask Room Juke Box set access (purchase this ticket and send us your favorite song, we will play it for you in an intimate set in Town Stages cask room after the show) + free Animal Wisdom Signature Cocktail


*All ticketholders will receive a pre-release copy of the Animal Wisdom Soundtrack once it is recorded included in ticketprice.



-all photos in this email are by the incomprable Maria Baranova Suzuki